A monster is a child’s best friend!

In the last few weeks my time has been spent illustrating a second children’s picture book called; “My Monster”.

This is a story that I’ve been working on since 2010 (if I remember correctly) but it wasn’t until last September when I actually got some serious ideas and the feel of the characters/designs for the story. I’ve tried several styles (some of them are here on my blog, click here) and I must have re-drawn the Monster and the little girl, Alberta (it’s her monster), about a million times. In May I finally managed to come up with something that I’m happy with towards the characters/illustrations. Here’s a picture of the two characters:

A monster is a child's best friend

A monster is a child’s best friend


About G. Olivo

I love children’s picture books, Disney and Pixar animation and a lot of my illustrations tend to reflect my love for comics, cartoons and picture books.

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  1. … what a sweet illustration, luv it!!! ♥ Can your Monster be my best friend too??? ☺

  2. He’s cool have you read the book Smidge, my children loved that book firstly because it was full of lollies (candy) and the fact smidge is real cool monster and does a huge burp at the end of the story. I love seeing what gets children excited about reading. Look forward to seeing more.

    • Thanks Kath! I haven’t read Smidge but will check it out. As a matter of fact, I think I need to spend a whole weekend reading picture books for inspiration as I haven’t read any lately.

      • Yep Im a bit of a library nerd and when I get my books out I also grab five picture books every two weeks and read. Im now looking at studying a bit more poetry, as I need rhythm in my prose. Not rhyming words but a bit more melody would be good. I also observe what the little ones are reading while I am there. Smidge is simple yet every kid I gift it to, loves it…the style of illustrating is quirky and smooth.

  3. Reblogged this on Taralinda Muses and commented:
    I love this illustrator; I find his monsters most comforting and familiar. Can’t wait for his newest book!

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