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Young kids and their wonderful imagination!



More of the old Monster

Below are early concept illustrations of my picture book entitled: ‘My Monster’.  I was trying to attempt that old 1970s Polaroid effect and although I think it works pretty well on a computer screen, once I printed the illustrations on paper, it didn’t really look that great.  Now I have completely abandoned that style!  
However, the action as shown on the concept illustrations remains, more or less, the same.
The monster character has had a total re-design as well. Click here  to see the final look of the monster.
G Olivo My Monster G Olivo My Monster 2 G Olivo My Monster 3

Feed the Monster!

Feed the monster

Feed the monster

Sleepy Monsterzzzzzzz…

sleepy monster

sleepy monster, sleepy me! I’m off to bed, good night folks.

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