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I’m currently working on a mock up of my picture book to see whether the artwork, layout, illustrations, words, pages, etc. look good in book format. This is also my last chance, before sending the digital file to the printers, and penultimate opportunity, before printing, to change anything I’m not happy with.


Front and back book cover

The final book covers of my picture book

My Monster front and back cover

My Monster front and back cover




I’m now only days away from sending my new picture book to the printers. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! It’s been a long and exhausting journey but I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it! I’ve been trying to create a funny and different font to use for the title of my book and this is what I’ve come up with:

Monster Font

Monster Font

Illustrating my picture book

Staring all day at a computer screen is not recommended. And when doing illustrations on computer software this can become a problem. The glare from the computer screen tires my eyes and I become blind to my drawing mistakes. This is the main reason why I print my illustrations before finalising and sending them off to the printers. Looking at the illustrations on paper I tend to find all those mistakes that I’d missed on the monitor, like composition, contrast or even weird character poses/expressions.

I print everything twice; once in black and white (which is sufficient to detect any problems / errors) and again when I’ve made the necessary amendments; I print the illustrations in colour. The colour copy gives me a pretty good idea of what the final printed copy is going to look like and a last chance to amend anything I’m not happy with.

illustrating a picture book

work in progress 🙂

This monster likes to eat!

I want more

I want more

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