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A few years later, Mrs Dyer met her cruel and despicable fate
When Amelia locked her in the basement, way back in 1848

Mrs Dyer’s Demise

No-one heard her deafening screams as she was attacked by rats and fleas

3. the demise

With no means of escape, Mrs Dyer was eaten by vermin with delight and ease.

The above doodles are part of the story board for my “Amelia Dyer” picture book. At this early stage (I’m still in the process of designing the style and characters) anything can and probably will change but it gives me a good foundation on direction, structure and flow of the book.



Learning Blender

I’m in the early stages of learning how to model in 3D in Blender. So far I’ve managed to create a pair of shoes, a chair and a head! And I must say I’m totally blown away by Blender’s awesomeness!

Blender G Olivo

I bought a few books on Blender to ensure I’m making the most of it but I’ve been using YouTube tutorials most of the time. The blender community out there is incredible and the online tutorials available are excellent (, so much so, that I haven’t needed my blender books as much as I thought I would.




In the mood for the macabre (part II) – Amelia Dyer

Early this year, I came across a newspaper story about one of Britain’s most prolific killers; Amelia Dyer. ( I was surprise that I had never heard of her before reading this column. Seeing that she had killed over 300 babies, you’d think she’d be well known like Jack the Ripper and other infamous killers. It’s a fascinating but very gruesome story. The tale of Amelia Dyer is so gloomy it doesn’t read like a factual description. You’d feel like it should belong in the fictional world of horror. Sadly, it’s all true and it all happened in Bristol during the Victorian times.

Amelia Dyer1893

Amelia Dyer1893


I was looking for a new challenging project for next yearI wanted to write a short story in the horror genre and when I read the article about Amelia, I just knew I’d found my subject. I’ve decided that the illustration style of this project will follow the same child-friendly, cartoon-like design that I’ve employed in my other projects (see “Agosto, a frightened little acorn” and “My Monster”). My intention is to mix the two opposite genres of horror and humour. A great example of this is Edward Gorey’s book entitled: “The Gashlycrumb Tinies”.  It is cruel, gruesome, horrific but at the same time funny, enjoyable, clever and charming plus it took the macabre humour genre to another level.   It begins:-

A is for Amy who fell down the stairs,

B is for Basil assaulted by bears,

C is for Clara who wasted away,

D is for Desmond thrown out of a sleigh …

My story will not be an alphabet book horror tale but I have written the story about Amelia in rhyming verse.  If everything goes according to plan, I will make the finished product into a picture book similar to my previous work.

Proof Copy

My proof copy has arrived!

There are a few details that I need to sort out, but nothing major. I’m hoping to approve the copy within the next couple of days and once that’s done, I can, as my editor says; “put it to bed!” Yay!

proof copy

proof copy

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