A few years later, Mrs Dyer met her cruel and despicable fate
When Amelia locked her in the basement, way back in 1848

Mrs Dyer’s Demise

No-one heard her deafening screams as she was attacked by rats and fleas

3. the demise

With no means of escape, Mrs Dyer was eaten by vermin with delight and ease.

The above doodles are part of the story board for my “Amelia Dyer” picture book. At this early stage (I’m still in the process of designing the style and characters) anything can and probably will change but it gives me a good foundation on direction, structure and flow of the book.




About G. Olivo

I love children’s picture books, Disney and Pixar animation and a lot of my illustrations tend to reflect my love for comics, cartoons and picture books.

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  1. Spooky story good luck with it Gustavo, I had to cover my cats eyes on that last sketch lol Kitty now needs therapy. Im guessing this book is not for kiddies like your other ones?

  2. They look great! I like how they have this classic, Gothic look, although I think they’ll change as time goes on, of course!

    • Thanks for the comment and compliment Jack. Yes, these are just very basic doodles. The end result will hopefully look a little bit better than this. I will definitely keep the Gothic look, pleased you noticed!

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