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Unwedded Mothers

Panoramas of Lost London

Panoramas of Lost London








Designing the world of Amelia Dyer is pretty exciting and for the look of 19th Century England I’ve been referring to Philip Davies’s amazing coffee-table book “Panoramas of Lost London” far more than I thought I would. It’s just such a brilliant book.

unwedded mothers








“Panoramas of Lost London” gave me lots of ideas when drawing the house in the above pic (which is still very much a work in progress). But the book also serves as a good reference for designing textures and for late 19th Century fashion.

Character Design – young Amelia Dyer

The main challenge in illustrating Amelia is that she goes from baby to a grown-up woman in about 850 words, less than two A4 pages. In a quick series of illustrations she transforms from baby to toddler to teenager and finally to a grown-up. I want the reader to be able to immediately identify her in the illustrations and I thought that one way of doing this is by giving her an easily recognisable trait; like Pippi Longstocking-inspired plaits. Now I still need to design Amelia as a grown-up, and those plaits might look ridiculous on an adult. If they do I’ll just give her another trait, like big crooked teeth.

Young Amelia Dyer G Olivo

Young Amelia Dyer

Young Amelia Dyer G Olivo

Young Amelia Dyer, with old photo effect

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