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All that gore!

I didn’t realise just how gory my Amelia Dyer story was until I started illustrating the book. The idea was to write a horror / comedy poem that would make the reader smile and be horrified at the same time. I was thinking something along the lines of Edward Gorey’s book “The Gashlycrumb Tinies” and my intentions were clearly laid out in my blog post from last year (read it here). Even the doodles that I had drawn were very much in the style I had imagined for the book.  But when I started modelling the different scenes in 3d I realised just how bloody and cruel the poem is.


Self-censorship is not a practice I undertake but the Amelia Project is so different from what I normally do with children’s picture books, and aimed at a totally different age group that I don’t find it appropriate to post the gory and bloody illustration on this site.  For those who can handle and enjoy the horror genre, please visit my Amelia Dyer website here. For others who still want to keep up-to-date with the progress of my book; I will keep you all informed on this blog, but will leave out the gory bits.


The picture below depicts three mice eating away at the gore. If you want to see the bigger picture (i.e. what they’re eating), then you’ll have to visit the Amelia Dyer website… but you have been warned!


three little mice


Who’s afraid of the dark?

who's afraid of the dark








Well, Sarah Hobley née Weymouth (Mrs Dyer) is and who could blame her with a child like Amelia!

who's afraid of the dark


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