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Mrs Dyer’s cruel (animated) demise

In real life Amelia’s mother died from typhus. In my book she’s locked in a basement by Amelia and eaten alive by hungry, ferocious rats. The below animated Gif illustrates Mrs Dyer just before she’s attacked by the rats.

Mrs Dyer’s cruel demise

Mrs Dyer’s cruel demise

Meet the Characters

I’m working on Gif animated portraits of the main characters in my Amelia story, to put on my Amelia website. This is Sarah Hobley née Weymouth, Amelia’s mother.

Portrait of Sarah Hobley née Weymouth

Mrs Dyer – Amelia’s mother

Amelia Dyer the Angel Maker

On hearing three knocks on the front door,

Amelia found a baby on the porch floor.

Amelia Dyer the Angel Maker G. Olivo


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