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Welcome to “the Crying Baby”!

Amelia’s own restaurant… (a word of advice: don’t order any meat).


Amelia Dyer at the Crying Baby

“Fancy my delicious brown sugar and honey crusted ham for Sunday lunch?”

Agosto, a frightened little acorn – my first e-book!

My picture book about a frightened little acorn is now available as an e-book (it’s been a long time coming).

Revisiting the story of Agosto has been a lovely experience. I haven’t picked the book up once, since I published it last year, so the story felt kind of new and fresh. Designing the e-book gave me an opportunity to play a bit with the layout. The e-book design differs slightly from the paperback version. Below are some screen shots from the e-book.

And if you fancy, here’s the link to the download page.

1 Agosto ebook insides 2 Agosto e-book Inside3 Agosto e-book last 2 pages

The children were back from the dead…

… revengeful and lusting for blood.

From their graves they crawled up like zombies, covered in mud

zombie children

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