Leaving the blood and gore behind…

I am now finalising the Amelia Dyer illustrations on a weekly basis, which means that I’m rapidly getting to the end of a journey that I started well over a year ago.

Coming to the end of my picture book is such an emotional trip. I feel upset, relived, exhausted, and ecstatic; all at the same time.

Upset because I get emotionally attached to the work. The thought of saying goodbye to the characters and the story that I spent so much time creating, is upsetting.
Relived because the ridiculous amount of work that I had created for myself is nearing the end. I’m also relived that I don’t have to spend mornings, or nights or weekends struggling over an impossible sentence that I can’t accurately compose. Furthermore, that terrible illustration that I just can’t get right, no matter how much time I spend on it.
Exhausted because writing and illustrating a book takes a lot of commitment and hard work.
Ecstatic since there is no better feeling in the world than seeing the results of a completed product. Holding your freshly printed book is an amazing feeling.

It also means that I have now started to think about my next picture book. I’ve already written the text and it’s more or less finished. It needs editing and rewriting for sure, but the plot and the first draft are complete. The work ahead from now is focused on illustrations and character designs, which will be my future project once Amelia is ready to send to the printers.

I’m happy to say that I’ll soon be leaving the blood and gore behind and I’ll be back writing children’s stories again. I’ll reveal more in the coming weeks. Thanks for all the support you’ve given me here, either by liking or commenting on my posts, following or messaging me directly with your feedback and comments.

Amelia Dyer Gustavo Olivo

The children chased Amelia out into the garden. She begged them for mercy, she begged them for pardon. But the dead don’t listen, for they can’t speak or hear. Amelia was pale as a ghost and trembling with fear…


About G. Olivo

I love children’s picture books, Disney and Pixar animation and a lot of my illustrations tend to reflect my love for comics, cartoons and picture books.

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  1. Gustavo congratulations you are amazing and I admire your talent and drive to get things done. Look forward to seeing what you create next.

  2. … a brilliant scary drawing, well done Gustavo! It reminds me of a horror film ‘Children of the Damned’.

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