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Final Book Covers

So this is what the finalised front and back cover of the Amelia Dyer picture book looks like. I wasn’t sure whether a typographic book cover would work on a picture book, but I’m pretty happy with the design so I have decided that, yes, it does work and I’m keeping it 🙂

Below are the final copies.

Amelia Dyer front cover

Amelia Dyer front cover

amelia dyer a victorian tale of horror backcover

Amelia Dyer back cover

The End Is Nigh!

In the last three weeks or so, I’ve been busy working on the trailer of the Amelia picture-book. And a couple of days ago I received the finalised text from my editor so I’m now busy deciding on the book layout for the printed version of the book as well as finalising a few illustrations. I’m almost ready to send the whole thing off to the printers. Yay! I can’t wait to show you the little film that I’ve done for the book and share my Victorian Horror tale with you guys!

amelia dyer book mock up

Book mock up

designing the font for my book

designing the font for my book

Victorian Portraits – meet the characters part II

Amelia Dyer through the ages; infant girl, teenager and young woman.

Amelia Dyer infant girl

Amelia Dyer teenager

Amelia Dyer young woman

Amelia Dyer’s mother

Amelia Dyer's mother

Amelia Dyer’s brothers

Amelia Dyer's brothers



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