Pete & the Enchanted Book – my new picture book

I’ve now started work on my 4th picture book. I’m looking forward to writing and illustrating a children’s book again after a two-year break from the genre.

The book is about a little boy called Pete and his encounter with a witch called Willisa.

Below are two characters from my book with their corresponding rigs. A rig is like a digital skeleton bound to the character. Like a skeleton, the rig is made up of joints and bones that are used to act as a handle for bending the character into different positions. As I have no intention of animating my characters – my knowledge of building complex rigs is limited – the rigs I use tend to be very simple. But, as I hope you’ll appreciate, that simplicity will do the job just fine!

boy and rigtest pose movement


About G. Olivo

I love children’s picture books, Disney and Pixar animation and a lot of my illustrations tend to reflect my love for comics, cartoons and picture books.

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  1. Gustavo you amaze me with your talents, the 3D modelling must be fun to work in.

    • Thank you Kath. I love 3d modelling, it allows me to illustrate and tell the little stories that I carry in my head! 🙂 Oh and thanks for retweeting my post!

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