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Agosto, a frightened little acorn – my first e-book!

My picture book about a frightened little acorn is now available as an e-book (it’s been a long time coming).

Revisiting the story of Agosto has been a lovely experience. I haven’t picked the book up once, since I published it last year, so the story felt kind of new and fresh. Designing the e-book gave me an opportunity to play a bit with the layout. The e-book design differs slightly from the paperback version. Below are some screen shots from the e-book.

And if you fancy, here’s the link to the download page.

1 Agosto ebook insides 2 Agosto e-book Inside3 Agosto e-book last 2 pages

It’s here!

My book has finally arrived. More info here



My picture book is now almost finished… this is exciting!

It’s been almost five years since I started writing and illustrating the story of a little acorn named Agosto.  So, as you can imagine, I am mighty relived that it is now FINALLY coming to an end.

proof copy

The notes on the print copy belong to my editor; Fayita Bonita, who has kindly decided to give me some layout tips. I’m hoping to send off the final copy to the printers this week. Yay!

Sad little flower

sad flower gustavo olivo

Sad little flower with spoon and acorn

Front and back Cover

Agosto Gustavo Olivo Cover

Agosto book cover

Agosto Gustavo Olivo BackCover

Agosto, the back cover


My picture book is now finally taking shape. Almost there… 🙂


Moody knives

moody knives

moody knives

Do acorns dream of ghosts?

Do acorns dream of ghosts

Do acorns dream of ghosts

Another illustration taken from my picture book “Agosto”

My First Picture Book

“Agosto , a frightened little acorn” is my first attempt at writing and illustrating a children’s picture book. The picture below is a screen-shot  of the book layout and I’m now looking into printers and book binders in London, to see what options I have in getting it printed. Wish me luck 🙂

Picture Book Screen shot

Picture Book screen shot


talking mugs

talking mugs

Inga the reading lamp

Inga the reading lamp

Inga the reading lamp

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