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A change is as good as a rest

Producing my Amelia picture book and going straight into writing and illustrating another book, has totally worn me out. My enthusiasm and energy for a new story has flatlined. So, I’ve decided to take a few months off and do something completely different whilst I wait for the return of inspiration.


If you have been following this blog, then you will know that I do all my illustrations in Blender3D. One thing that I’ve found very difficult, is to find the time to learn more about the software. There never seem to be enough time as writing and illustrating seems to pretty much fill up all my spare time! So, I thought, now is the opportune moment to learn more about the areas in Blender that either I struggle with, could improve or know very little about.


So I enrolled on an online course called “Creating 3d environments” in Blender. It is already giving me new ideas that I want to incorporate in my latest picture book. Although the course takes you through a tutorial and teaches you how to build up the scenes shown in the trailer, I’ve decided to work on my own project and build my own 3D environment.

My project is to try and recreate the majestic and beautiful old house that you see in the picture below.

Rosario, Uruguay

Me and my brother outside our late grandmother’s house.

I have very fond memories of this house, as it was the house of my late grandmother. The picture was taken in 2012 in Rosario, Uruguay, about a year before it was sold to a property developer.

The building is still there today; now abandoned and badly dilapidated, looking almost haunted and ready to crumble into a pile of dust.  I guess it’s only a matter of time before it’s demolished.

I will post the end result of my 3d illustration here once it’s finished.

Rosario uruguay 2

Some of the house’s artefacts that my brother managed to salvage, now invaluable references when recreating the house in 3D.


Everything was fine and dandy…

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here. My work and other interests have kept me away from WordPress but hopefully I’ll be coming back on a more regular basis from now on. Here’s a little extract from the Amelia poem and the (unfinished) illustration that goes with it.

Fine and dandy

Victorian Midwives

Model progression, from start to finish, of my two Victorian midwives. Done in Blender 3D

Victorian midwives


My New Year’s Resolution for 2013 was to learn Blender. You know what they say; better late than never! My book on 3D modelling and animation arrived in the post today. I’m very excited and can’t wait to start using this amazing programme.

Introducing Character Animation with Blender by Tony Mullen

Introducing Character Animation with Blender by Tony Mullen

If you’re familiar with 3D software you might have heard of blender before. It’s an open source software, so totally free (although donations are encouraged).  More info here:

More acorns

bragging acorns

“I’m going to be the biggest oak in the country,” bragged Otto, the oldest Acorn in the field. “Well, I’m going to grow tall and have millions of leaves,” shouted Mikko so that everyone could hear.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The above pictures are taken from my picture book “Agosto, a frightened little acorn”.

Monster, aliens & tea

Monster, aliens and tea

Monster, aliens and tea

Alfonso the Torch

Alfonso the torch

Alfonso the torch

The above picture is taken from my picture book “Agosto, a frightened little acorn”.

Dancing Spoons

Dancing Spoons

Dancing Spoons

The above picture is taken from my picture book “Agosto, a frightened little acorn”.

My Monster

ta dah

2. Ta dah

monster hand drawn g. olivo

3. My Monster

My Monster knows how to play the drum

4. My Monster knows how to play the drum

My monster is so tall

5. My monster is so tall

My Monster

6. My Monster

Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Lucy Westenra & Arthur Holmwood

Lucy Westenra is dead

Lucy Westenra and Arthur Holmwood

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