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Animating the book!

Here’s a little shot that I did last week, from the animation that I’m currently working on. The idea is to animate my picture book; “Pete and the Enchanted book”.


Animating my picture book

I’ve been playing around with the idea of animating my book for a while now… because three years of writing and illustrating ONE story isn’t long enough, hahaha.

below you’ll find a low-quality clip of the animation that I’ve been working on.

scene from Pete and the enchanted book, animation

scene from Pete and the enchanted book, animation

Book Trailer – snapshot

They say Book trailers are a brilliant way to bring books to life… and it’s true, but boy are they time consuming to create or what! Here’s a snapshot of the trailer I’m currently working on. Hopefully it will be ready by the time my book  gets published, which should be in a couple of weeks from today if everything goes according to plan!

Amelia Dyer book trailer snapshot

Amelia Dyer book trailer snapshot

Mrs Dyer’s cruel (animated) demise

In real life Amelia’s mother died from typhus. In my book she’s locked in a basement by Amelia and eaten alive by hungry, ferocious rats. The below animated Gif illustrates Mrs Dyer just before she’s attacked by the rats.

Mrs Dyer’s cruel demise

Mrs Dyer’s cruel demise

Animation test

I have decided to animate parts of my picture book “Amelia Dyer” for my website and this is a short animation loop. This is the scene where Mrs Dyer is locked in the basement and that square thing behind her is the basement door reference.

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