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My book has arrived!

Three years after I published “Amelia Dyer” I have a new book out! Yay! You can buy the print copy directly from my website. Currently working on the eBook version which should be available shortly. Keep your eyes out for the animation too! 🙂


Pete and the enchanted book cover

book cover


Back cover

And here’s the back cover of my picture book! I might make a few small amendments but it’s more or less complete now… phew!

Pete and the enchanted book, back cover

Pete and the enchanted book, back cover

A monster is a child’s best friend!

In the last few weeks my time has been spent illustrating a second children’s picture book called; “My Monster”.

This is a story that I’ve been working on since 2010 (if I remember correctly) but it wasn’t until last September when I actually got some serious ideas and the feel of the characters/designs for the story. I’ve tried several styles (some of them are here on my blog, click here) and I must have re-drawn the Monster and the little girl, Alberta (it’s her monster), about a million times. In May I finally managed to come up with something that I’m happy with towards the characters/illustrations. Here’s a picture of the two characters:

A monster is a child's best friend

A monster is a child’s best friend

Crying Acorn

Crying Acorn

But Agosto,was a frightened little fellow. He knew that going below ground was the only way he could become a tree. “Below ground is dark and scary” he sobbed. “Imagine lying way down under the earth with worms and moles… no, that’s far too upsetting for me!”

“Agosto, a frightened little acorn” was my first attempt at writing and illustrating a picture book.  I will post the full story with all the accompanying pictures on this blog shortly.

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