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Boy meets witch

Pete meets Willisa the witch for the first time. Work in progress…

Pete and the enchanted book test scene 3.jpg

Character Design; Pete

Pete characterDesign

Designing a grumpy, spoiled little kid called Pete. So this is what the main character in my new picture book will look like. Maybe I make a few minor modifications before I complete the design, but it’s more or less finished now… phew!

Designing a witch!

When I first started thinking about Willisa, the witch in my picture book, I knew I didn’t want her to look like a typical witch. You know; long black hair, green skin, big pointy nose, black clothes, striped witch-tights, pointy witch hat, a cat companion, etc. The only traditional witch paraphernalia that I wanted in Willisa was a flying broom.

But I didn’t have much success in designing a new kind of witch. No matter how much I tried, it just didn’t work. I ended up with a witch that has pretty much the same characteristics as your traditional witch.

I kept the long black unruly witch hair. I didn’t make her skin green but I gave her a pointy witch-nose and a pointy witch hat! She may not have a cat companion, but she does wear an outfit that has cat paws all over it. A subtle (?) reference that she does love her cats maybe?

Designing a witch Willisa

In terms of her personality, I imagine Willisa young and very outgoing, full of energy and with a positive outlook in life. Willisa is not an evil witch, she can be mischievous, as most people with a young mind tend to be, but I did write her as naïve. And it is her naivety and her inabilities to foresee the consequences of her actions that lands poor little Pete in huge trouble and drives the plot of my story.

If you observe children on a monkey bar or playing on a balance bar, you will note that more often than not they’re fearless, blissfully unaware of any danger. Gymnasts have a fierce attitude and look amazingly confident when performing. I wanted to combine these two qualities in Willisa; the child and the professional. So to convey her youthfulness, confidence and child-like energy, I decided that, whenever Willisa appears in my book she will be riding her flying broom posed in a way only a professional gymnast would be able to pose, but with the facial expression of an excited child.


Willisa the witch!


Happy New Year!

My Monster ebook cover

To start 2015 on a positive note, I decided to publish “My Monster” as an e-book on Amazon (here’s the link should you wish to have a look).

It’s currently only available as an Amazon download, which means it can be viewed on any Amazon e-book reader. But owning a Kindle device is not essential to reading Kindle books ; there’s a PC version and a Kindle app for iOS devices too. This is what my Kindle book looks like on the iPad!

My Monster iPad

I’m hoping that 2015 will allow me to publish at least one more book (my Amelia Poem); digitally and on paperback. 2015 will be a very busy year, so without further ado, I’ll crack on with my work. Catch you all later!







Agosto, a frightened little acorn – my first e-book!

My picture book about a frightened little acorn is now available as an e-book (it’s been a long time coming).

Revisiting the story of Agosto has been a lovely experience. I haven’t picked the book up once, since I published it last year, so the story felt kind of new and fresh. Designing the e-book gave me an opportunity to play a bit with the layout. The e-book design differs slightly from the paperback version. Below are some screen shots from the e-book.

And if you fancy, here’s the link to the download page.

1 Agosto ebook insides 2 Agosto e-book Inside3 Agosto e-book last 2 pages

Thank You!

Thank you

2013 is coming to an end and before I’m off to celebrate Christmas and New Year with friends and family, I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of you who has followed, liked and / or commented on my blog. It means a lot to me.

Through WordPress I’ve “met” some amazingly creative and interesting bloggers and I’m looking forward to continue reading your blogs in 2014. Here’s to another year of creativity and hopefully new friendships! Merry Christmas!

Voilà, it’s here!

My Monster book by G Olivo

My picture book has finally arrived! Made my day 🙂

Proof Copy

My proof copy has arrived!

There are a few details that I need to sort out, but nothing major. I’m hoping to approve the copy within the next couple of days and once that’s done, I can, as my editor says; “put it to bed!” Yay!

proof copy

proof copy


I’m currently working on a mock up of my picture book to see whether the artwork, layout, illustrations, words, pages, etc. look good in book format. This is also my last chance, before sending the digital file to the printers, and penultimate opportunity, before printing, to change anything I’m not happy with.


Front and back book cover

The final book covers of my picture book

My Monster front and back cover

My Monster front and back cover



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