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Voilà, it’s here!

My Monster book by G Olivo

My picture book has finally arrived! Made my day 🙂


A few years later, Mrs Dyer met her cruel and despicable fate
When Amelia locked her in the basement, way back in 1848

Mrs Dyer’s Demise

No-one heard her deafening screams as she was attacked by rats and fleas

3. the demise

With no means of escape, Mrs Dyer was eaten by vermin with delight and ease.

The above doodles are part of the story board for my “Amelia Dyer” picture book. At this early stage (I’m still in the process of designing the style and characters) anything can and probably will change but it gives me a good foundation on direction, structure and flow of the book.




I’m now only days away from sending my new picture book to the printers. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! It’s been a long and exhausting journey but I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it! I’ve been trying to create a funny and different font to use for the title of my book and this is what I’ve come up with:

Monster Font

Monster Font

Alberta is a bookworm!

reading time

reading time

I got a monster in my wardrobe…

Monster in my wardrobe


Young kids and their wonderful imagination!



More of the old Monster

Below are early concept illustrations of my picture book entitled: ‘My Monster’.  I was trying to attempt that old 1970s Polaroid effect and although I think it works pretty well on a computer screen, once I printed the illustrations on paper, it didn’t really look that great.  Now I have completely abandoned that style!  
However, the action as shown on the concept illustrations remains, more or less, the same.
The monster character has had a total re-design as well. Click here  to see the final look of the monster.
G Olivo My Monster G Olivo My Monster 2 G Olivo My Monster 3

Feed the Monster!

Feed the monster

Feed the monster

Sleepy Monsterzzzzzzz…

sleepy monster

sleepy monster, sleepy me! I’m off to bed, good night folks.

Aliens, monster and tea… again!

Work in progress.

Aliens Monster Tea

Aliens , monster & tea

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