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The children were back from the dead…

… revengeful and lusting for blood.

From their graves they crawled up like zombies, covered in mud

zombie children


Who is afraid of rats?

rats in the basement G Olivo

A few years later, Mrs Dyer met her cruel and despicable fate
When Amelia locked her in the basement, way back in 1848

Not me, I love them. But I think Mrs Dyer has a pretty good reason for being petrified of rats. My illustration (and animation) is finally starting to take shape.

And speaking of rats, my sister and I had two pet rats many, many years ago. I named mine Amadeus (the black rat on the left in the pic below) but my sister just couldn’t decide on a name for hers, so I started calling it “the cow” (it had the same distinctive colour markings as a Holstein cow) and the name just stuck. Rats are incredible pets. They are very intelligent and loving. My rat was so comfortable around me; it would fall asleep on my shoulder.

pet rats

Amadeus and the cow

……        🙂

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