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Have a happy and a spooky Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Now make sure you watch a good horror film this week! Have a spookylishous Halloween!

“My life will be ruined if people knew of my illicit affair.”

Quote from my book, not a confession! So leaving controversial headings aside, I am writing to share my good news!

Even though I still have a significant amount of work left to do on my Amelia book, I can, for the first time in over a year, feel the completion of my project. After months of hard work I can feel it’s slowly coming to an end. I have created the characters, the scenes and I have framed the illustrations in the way I want to demonstrate the action. It’s one thing having an idea in your head and another putting it on paper. And a nightmare when you just don’t have a clue on how to illustrate the text, so having made it this far feels like success.

I am now starting the process of finalising my illustrations which entails some texturing and lighting. The picture below is a good example of this. Looking for the perfect textures is something that I enjoy immensely. This weekend I will be traveling around my lovely city (London) armed with my camera, taking pictures of walls, bricks, old wood and any other texture that will blend nicely with the Victorian setting in my book. Hope you all have a lovely weekend! And remember, if you live in the UK, clocks go back one hour on Sunday.

Amelia Dyer

If you have a look at the porch you will see that some textures are missing, the curb needs texturing too and the portico has penetrated the window ledge. The street is too clean so I will somehow have to fix that too.

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