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Animating the book!

Here’s a little shot that I did last week, from the animation that I’m currently working on. The idea is to animate my picture book; “Pete and the Enchanted book”.

My book has arrived!

Three years after I published “Amelia Dyer” I have a new book out! Yay! You can buy the print copy directly from my website. Currently working on the eBook version which should be available shortly. Keep your eyes out for the animation too! 🙂


Pete and the enchanted book cover

book cover

Proof copy…

has arrived. Just a few minor amendments and then it’s ready to put to bed! Yay! proof copy

Back cover

And here’s the back cover of my picture book! I might make a few small amendments but it’s more or less complete now… phew!

Pete and the enchanted book, back cover

Pete and the enchanted book, back cover

Animating my picture book

I’ve been playing around with the idea of animating my book for a while now… because three years of writing and illustrating ONE story isn’t long enough, hahaha.

below you’ll find a low-quality clip of the animation that I’ve been working on.

scene from Pete and the enchanted book, animation

scene from Pete and the enchanted book, animation

Finalised book cover

So finished work on the book cover. This should be the final version (unless I change my mind last minute of course).

Pete and the enchanted book, cover

Pete and the enchanted book, cover

Rendering the final illustrations

I received the finalised text to my picture book “Pete and the enchanted book” a few weeks ago, and I’ve been busy rendering the final illustrations with the hope of having everything completed in a month or so. I’ve been somewhat slowed down by the fact that the pictures look a lot darker in print than they do on the computer screen, but I think I may have resolved the discrepancy, so here’s hoping I’ll finish it all very soon 😊

Anna wants to play!

Even though Anna has a very minute role in my latest picture book, she’s becoming my favourite character!


A witch, by an old footbridge!

Been working on the nature  (grass, trees etc.) on this illustration and it’s coming along nicely.

boy meets witch

boy meets witch

Hair Gone Wild!

Blender does not always play nicely. For some strange reason it decided my little character was having a bad hair day 🙂

Hair Gone wild

Not Tuesday 🙂


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